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About Us

PACE Organization is a Non-profit making, Non Government Voluntary Organization, working in the development sector in the drought prone districts of Rayalaseema of Andhra Pradesh, India. The organization was established in the year 2001 by Mr. V.S.Reddy and his likeminded friends, who felt concerned for the deteriorating environment and natural resources. Thus they joined together for protection, progression of Environment and Natural Resources and to promote livelihoods through integrated activities, there by securing the empowerment of the target persons.

Ever since itís Registration, PACE has been striving to achieve its set objectives through active involvement of stake holders having clearly laid down principles and approaches. With the strong inspiration and sustained zeal, PACE is all set to move forward with result bearing and time- specific programmes, to take the target groups, on the path of progress and development.


To Undertake integrated programs and build the capacities of vulnerable communities for effective utilization of resources thereby promoting livelihoods through enhanced peopleís participation resulting in improved quality of life.


Working in partnership with Government departmentsí individuals, organizations, communities and other stake holders having the commitment and capabilities leading to sustainable comprehensive development of the identified target groups.

Aims & Objectives

Main objectives
  • Holistic development of Environment and Natural resources through participatory approach in identified locations of our area of operation, in a planned time frame
  • Need Assessed Health and Medical programmes to reach out the un-served persons
  • Help persons to maximize their talents/skills in a phased manner for their optimum benefit and advantage to the community /society.
  • Involve in, holistic and time bound Cultural, spiritual programmes that result in peace and harmony of the society and progress of the individual.
  • To undertake all suitable activities for protection, research, development, promotion and propagation of our traditional and modern handicrafts and the artisans, resulting in their sustainable development and empowerment.
  • To organize viable CBOs in self-supporting mode.
  • To assess locally available resources as means of promoting alternative livelihood opportunities.
  • Promotion of people’s participation to influence the policies of the Government.
  • Developing and demonstrating participatory Approaches/Methods.
  • Imparting and up-gradation of capacities and skills.
  • Periodical self up gradation
  • Resources mobilization.
  • Networking.
  • Liaisoning
Experience in different interventions:

  • Capacity Building Trainings & Studies
  • Building peoples institutions
  • Promotion of Agro Forestry
  • Promotion of livelihoods 
  • Environment and NRM
  • Health promotion
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
Legal Registrations
  • Registered under Society’s   Registration Act XXI of 1860   Regn. No. 100/2001 
    Dt. 13-03-2001
  • Registered under Foriegn Contributions Regulation Act bearing Regn. No: 010140452
  • Registered U/S 12A of I.T Act 1961, F.No. hqrs/87/CIT/TPT/2004-05. Dt: 31-01-2005
  • Registered U/S 80 G of I.T Act, 1961 F.No.H.Qurs.I(71)  CIT/TPT/2010-11 Dt: 30 -11-  2010
  • PAN No. AAAAP3822E
  • TAN No. HYDP07150D

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